Arrested on charge of killing after rape

  September 26, 2018 By: INSEC

Police have arrested 27 years old Kushum Paudel of Pokhara Metropolis-22, Pumdibhumdi on September 25 on charge of killing 10 years old girl Shreya B.K after rape.

Police had recovered her body 50 meters away from maternal house on September 25 at Pokhara Metropolis-22.

Police have arrested the accused on September 26 and made him public. According to DSP Rabindra Man Gurung of DPO , the girl who was on the way to buy biscuit was found dead next day.

The accused has confessed of killing while he was high with drugs. She was raped and was killed in fear of getting charge of rape.

The postmortem of the body was conducted at Dharan BPKHIS.

Sushan Ghimire