Tuesday , 19th February 2019

Tuesday , 19th February 2019

Arrested on charge of Child Marriage

June 11, 2018 By INSEC

Police have arrested 64 years old Chandra Bahadur Khatri of Phalelung Rural Municipality-2 and his wife 61 years old Devi Maya on charge of involving in a marriage of 15 years old girl.

DSP Bam Dev Gautam of DPO said that the absconding convicted were arrested based on a verdict by District Court. The court had ordered for penalty of Rs 5,000 each from the convicts in 2015, July 9.

The convicts were charged of assisting  marriage of 25 years old Mohan Thapaliya of Terhatum District, Iwa Rural Municipality-9 with 15 years old girl in 2014, December 11. Complaint against tem was lodged at DPO on January 24 , 2015.

Police had arrested both convicts on February 23 and on Marc 11, the District Court had released them in a bail amount of Rs 10,000. They will be handed over to District Court according to DSP Gautam.

Mangal Begha