Arrested on charge of anti-election activities

  November 23, 2017 By: INSEC

Police have arrested cadres of NCP from various parts of the country on charge of anti-election activities.

According to INSEC district representative Kokila Dhakal of Ilam, police have arrested teacher Khin Maya Pariyar on charge of her involvement in anti-election activities.

Khin Maya is arrested as she is involved in Dalit Commission of NCP and is charged of operating anti-election activities in the district according to SP Bipin Karmacharya.

NCP cadre Damber Magar was also arrested by the police on November 22 and he is chief of youth association according to the police.

Prior to this, police have already arrested four cadres of NCP from various parts of the district and investigation is underway according to SP Karmacharya.

According to the INSEC district representative Bhoj Raj Adhikari of Kavre, police have arrested seven cadres of Nepal Communist Party on charge of their involvement in anti-election activities.

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