Appellate Court Issues Order not To Halt Social Security Allowances

  July 9, 2016 By: INSEC

The appellate court of Nepalgunj has issued an order against defendant on July 8 stating not to halt any social security allowances without an excuse.

The order was issued by appellate court of Nepalgunj on a hearing against a complaint lodged by senior citizen Jagadish Prasad Tiwari of Katkuiya VDC-6 by a single bench of appellate court judge Bam Kumar Shrestha stating that social security has a direct relationship with human sentiment and linked with right to health issues.

The writ was lodged at appellate court of Nepalgunj on July 6 after the halt of security allowances in those VDCs, municipality and District which do not have toilet under the cleaning campaign.

The applicant had lodged a writ against District Administration office of Banke, District water cleaning division office, Holiya VDC office, local development office and officials and court had issued to present the written answer against defendant within 15 days according to advocate Sunil Shrestha.

Binod Pandey