Appellate Court Issues Directives To Control Sound Pollution

  September 1, 2016 By: INSEC

The Appellate Court of Nepalgunj has issued directives in the name of Nepalgunj Municipality, District Administration Office and District Public Health on September 1 regarding the case on Prohibition Ordinance relating to sound pollution in order to control and make sound pollution issue effective and result oriented.

The directive was issued by joint bench of district court judge Bom Bahadur Shrestha and Bir Bahadur Dangi while hearing the writ lodged by advocates Sunil Kumar Shrestha, Lok Bahadur Shah, Biswojit Tiwari, Bal Bahadur Chand and INSEC representative Binod Pandey.

With the objective of making Nepalgunj Municipality sound pollution free, Prohibition and Ordinance was lodged in a joint coordination by INSEC and Women Law and Development Forum on May 15.

The writ was registered after the sound pollution has incredibly increased in Nepalgunj Municipality in recent years. Due to the lack of proper measures, sound users are polluting the environment.

The sound pollution has direct effect on mental health of people and it also affects mental development of children. The writ was lodged based on Section 8(2) of Justice Administration Act-2048, Civil Rights Act-2012 and regulation 33 of appellate court Manual-2048.

Binod Pandey