Amnesty Cannot Be Given to a Serious Crime: Commission

  August 15, 2016 By: INSEC

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission has drawn the attention of Prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal stating that Human Rights violations in a serious nature of crime cannot be given amnesty.

The commission’s officials met prime minister on August 15 and said that human rights violation in serious nature of crime such as murder, rape and abduction cannot be given amnesty, said commission’s chairperson Surya Kiran Gurung.

According to Gurung, Prime Minister Dahal is not in a favour of giving amnesty in all incidents of conflict victim. During a meeting the officials also drew attention on appointing investigation experts in contract basis and allocation of budget accordingly.

Gurung said that the commission’s investigation is affected due to the lack of investigation expert and shortages in budget. In commissions more than 53,000 complaints have been lodged.

Vibek Dhungana