Almost Seven Thousand Victims of Human Rights Violation and Abuse Documented in 2019

  February 19, 2020 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Center launched the Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2020 on 19 February at Lalitpur.

INSEC has been publishing Nepal Human Rights Year Book since 1992 and this is the 28th edition which has the data of 2019. According to this book 6,642 victims of Human Rights Violation and Abuse were documented in 2019.

The book was launched by INSEC’s Founder Chairperson, former Commissioner of National Human Rights Commission and the President’s former Political and Human Rights Expert; Mr. Sushil Pyakurel.

According to the documentation of INSEC, in 2019, there were 6642 victims of Human Rights Violation and Abuses whereas in 2018 there were 5110 victims.

This year there were 930 victims of Human Rights Violations of which 68 were females and 862 were males. Similarly, there were 5712 victims of Human Rights Abuses which includes 5058 females and 654 males, informed Bijay Raj Gautam, Executive Director of INSEC.

He said, ‘ Comparatively, there has been an increase of 1532 victims from last year.’

Comparatively, there has been an increase of 1532 victims from last year. This year there were seven deaths caused by police shooting – two in Bhojpur, one in Saptari, two in Sarlahi, one in Rupandehi and one in Kapilvastu districts, mentioned in the year book published by INSEC.

There were 13 cases of torture, 702 arrests, 62 cases of discrimination, 40 cases of inhuman behavior, 98 violations of the right to assembly, 35 cases of threats and 279 cases of beating.

‘There were 3,364 documented cases of violence against women in 2019.  There were  69  cases  of  attempted trafficking, 2,079 cases of domestic  violence,  42  allegations of  witchcraft,  530  cases  of  rapes, 143 of attempted rape, 63 cases of sexual abuse and 51 cases of trafficking.  Similarly, there were 129 cases of deaths by family members, 13 deaths for dowry and 300 women violence for less dowry’, Executive Director, Bijay Raj Gautam.

There were 1,447 violations of Child Rights in 2019 in INSEC’s records.

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