Alleged witchcraft expelled from house within 2 weeks of Marriage

  March 8, 2017 By: INSEC

Upama Bhandari of Gorkarneswor Municipality-16, Arubari reached to police for being expelled from house within two weeks of marriage alleging witchcraft- informed RSS.

Bhandari who got married on February 23 was expelled from home accused of practicing witchcraft and bringing less dowry.

She was married to Dinesh KC of same Municipality Ward No. 15 and lodged complaint against him on March 8 at Metropolitan Police Circle, Boudha- said ASI Sukra Rai.

KC has been working as Military in Directorate of Public Relations. “The issue was discussed in front of both parties and agreed to go on a legal process whereby the Victim’s mother in law, Radhika KC was taken control. Dinesh being a military was leaved on the condition to be present whenever is being called. “- Rai said.

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