Agreement Signed Between Qatar and Nepal

  December 18, 2016 By: INSEC

An agreement paper has been signed between NHRC and Qatar National Human Rights Commission on December 18 to implement planning regarding the rights of migrant workers protection according to RSS.

On the occasion of International Migrant day on 18th December, a paper was signed by NHRC chairman Anup Raj Sharma and Committee’s chairperson Ali Bin Samikh Almari.

The major points of the program includes  determining information officer for the effective communication flow,  training for private companies sending migrant workers and free legal counseling to address the issues of migrant workers according to the committee.

Similarly, the National Human Rights Commission of Qatar will provide various activities such as capacity building of affiliated labor organizations, internal staffs in Qatar and in Nepal, supporting in security and health related issues of Nepali migrant workers and capacity building of both staffs and employees through the facilitation of Human Rights Asia Pacific Forum.

Commission’s chairperson Anup Raj Sharma said that prior to this agreement; Nepal had already signed the agreement paper with South Korean Human Rights Commission regarding the issue of migrant workers in 2010.

He added that the agreement will play an important role for the rights and benefit of migrant worker in Qatar. Chairperson Almari of the committee said that various program has been started in Qatar to protect the rights of Nepalese migrant workers to Qatar.


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