Accused on allegation of witch, arrested

  January 16, 2017 By: INSEC

The Area Police Office of Kalyanpur has arrested 30 years old Kamal Sada of Shambhunath Municipality-10 , Rampur Jamuwa on January 16 on charge of alleging 52 years old Shakunti Devi Shah of the same place.

She was alleged of being witch by the accused after his five years old son died due to the diarrhea on October 31, 2014. She was beaten and tortured by the accused. The victim underwent treatment at Gajendra Narayan Singh Sagarmath Hospital in Rajbiraj.

Police had already  arrested 40 years old witch doctor Ranjana Sada of Bihar, 50 years old Krishna Dev Sada of Shambhu Nath Municpality-10, his wife Renu Sada,45 and neighbor Dev Narayan Sada,30 on November 1.

A single bench of District Court judge Kamal Prasad Pokhrel had released Krishna Dev Sada, Renu and Dev Narayan on bail amount of Rs 17,000 each on November 1 whereas Ranjana was taken into custody.

The district court had also ordered to sentence Ranjana for seven months with penalty of Rs 10,000 on April 5 2014 and ordered a penalty of Rs 7,000 each for Krishna Dev, Renu and Dev Narayan, The case of Kamal Sada was pending.



Manohar Kumar Pokhrel