Accused arrested on charge of Molestation

  January 7, 2017 By: INSEC

It has been revealed that the incident on child molestation of five years old girl has been settled with in the village on January 5.

The incident was made public after the seniors of the village have posted the incident in social media. The incident reached to the level of investigation after Women and Children office of the district showed its concern over the incident.

Mangal Blon,18 of Chitwam Geetanagar has been arrested by the police on January 6 on charge of molesting a five years old girl on January 4.

The youth of the villagers had punished him however no legal treatment was made against him. SP Deepak Neupane of DPO Chitwan said that the investigation has been initiated after the arrest was made. He added that no complaint has been made from the victim’s party yet.

He also said that due to the fear, the victim’s party might not have lodged a complaint. He however said that the investigation will continue even of the complaint is not lodged from the victim’s party.

The preparation is being made to sent victim to the district hospital for the health checkup.


Deependra Adhikari