Abducted Chairperson rescued safely

  December 22, 2019 By: INSEC

Netra Bikram Chand (Biplov) led CPN’s cadres’ had kidnapped Thatikandh Rural Municipality’s Chairperson Dhir Bahadur Shahi who was rescued safely by the team of police. It was confirmed that he was kept at Kalikot’s Subhakalika Rural Municipality-1 Chhati. After the police did air firing, the cadres fled leaving Shahi and he was rescued by the police on 22 December’s evening informed CDO Indra Bahadur Chhetri.

Dhir Bahadur Shahi, 57, Thatikandh Rural Municipality’s Chairperson and his wife Ila Shahi, 54, were kidnapped by a group of more than 15 armed cadres from their residence at Thatikandh Rural Municipality-2 Seripata on 21 December. They had also kidnapped his brother Hasta Bahadur Shahi, 46. They had they left Hasta Bahadur Shahi at Bhantichaur after an hour of abduction. Ila Shahi was freed at Kalikot’s Bharta on 22 December but had taken Chairperson Shahi saying ‘there’s more to talk.’

Since the appeal of the committee had failed, he was rescued by a team of Dailekh DPO’s Hari Bahadur Oli, DSP of Armed Police Force Jivan Bhattarai along with a team of more than 60 policemen assigned from Kalikot and Achham, said DIG of Karnali Province Purna Chandra Joshi.

According to the received information he was being brought from Aathbis Municipality’s Rakam He was rescued from a place 5 hours away from his home.

Netra Bikram Chand (Biplov) led CPN’s cadres had abducted him to enquire for the blame of misusing the budget of the rural municipality.

Amar Sunar