A School Without Toilet From 39 Years

  July 10, 2020 By: INSEC

It has been 39 years since the Niranjan Sah Kalwar Primary School of Birgunj metropolitan city-20 was established but there is no toilet in this school yet.

The school was established in the year 1981 and conducts classes upto grade five. There are four teachers including one Child Development Facilitator and 135 students attend the school.

The students use open space for toileting and the teachers go out of the premises, informed a local Dipendra Yadav.

This fiscal year had allocated 10 million 1 hundred and 81 thousand for Harpatgunj ward but only 3.3 million has been spent while the remaining amount is about to freeze, informed the locals.

The ward has spent some 2.2 million rupees in the celebration of Chhat festival but has not paid attention towards building toilets for the school. Even in this year’s budget plan this problem has not been mentioned.

According to the Principal of the school, Shiva Narayan Yadav, the work for constructing a toilet is ongoing. They have been making tanks for the toilet but due to the lockdown, the work is pending.

Chairperson of the ward-20, Paras Sah said he is involved actively in the construction of toilets and other necessary work. Initially due to the open space around the school, they did not pay attention towards building toilet, he added.

According to Sah, they had planned to build the toilet during the Open Defecation Free Campaign but due to lack of space, they were unable to do it but now a new design of the school has been passed and in this new design there will be a new school building with toilets.

Krishna Chandra Lamichhane