A Dalit Wedding Feast Boycotted by Non Dalits

  December 12, 2019 By: INSEC

Non Dalit have collectively boycotted a wedding feast of a BK family in Besisahar Municipality-3 stating not arranging for a separate kitchen during the feast.

According to brides aunt Fulmaya BK, 55. Non dalits locals were also invited to the wedding on December 11 but they boycotted the feast reasoning the use of same kitchen to cook for everyone.

A Dalit activist Mr. Som Bahadur Dulal said the guests said they would not eat food  touched by a dalit and returned without eating anything.

Besisahar municipality-3, 22 year bride Sonam BK ‘s wedding feast was boycotted by the Brahmins, Chettris and janajatis living in the same community.

The ward chairman of Besisahar municipality Mr Surya Kumar Shrestha said” Eating at a feast is a personal choice . We can’t pressurize anyone to eat or not to eat at a wedding” . I ate at the feast but some non dalits avoided eating.

According to the constitution of Nepal if any kind of discrimination is done publically or any case of untouchability is found, 3 months to 1 year punishment or a fine of 1 thousand to 25 thousand rupees or both is liable if found guilty.

Dal Bahadur Majhakoti