70th International Human Rights Day Marked

  December 10, 2018 By: INSEC

Districts of province 5 have celebrated 70th Human Rights Day with various programs on December 10.

According to the Banke District representative Ram Suhawan Sonkar, international Human Rights Day is celebrated with various program in joint coordination by NHRC, Human Rights Network and Bhajan Ram Treasury fund.

Speaking at the program, judge Prem Karki of High court Tulsipuir, Nepalgunj bench said that every citizen must be aware of their fundamental rights provisioned by the constitution.

He added that the provision in “Muluki Ain”to take permission from the court before arresting someone is appropriate from the human rights point of view.

Director Chandra Kanta Chapagain of NHRC Nepalgunj said that the commission can only recommend the incident not the decision.

SP Arun Paudel of District Police Office said that the operation of human rights education has minimized the human rights violation in the district.

INSEC province 5 coordinator Bhola Mahat said that concerned body must show their sensitivity for the protection and promotion of human rights.


Basanta Gautam of Advocacy Forum , during the program, informed about the Human Rights situation of province 5 based on INSEC documentation.

Similarly, a morning rally was organized on the occasion of 16 days campaign against the gender violence in joint coordination from various rights organizations of the district.

Fourt Bhajan Human Rights Award to Chaudhary from Kailali

On the occasion of 70th Human Rights Day, fourt Bhajan Chaudhary Human Rights award has been presented to Phiru Lal Chaudhary of Janaki Rural Municipality-2 0 Kailali.


He was felicitated with the award during a program organized in Nepalgunj on the occasion of 70th Human Rights Day on December 10 according to committee member Siddha Raj Paneru of selection committee.

He was felicitated for his contribution on Human Rights and freedom of bonded laborers. The award is pursed with Rs 25,000 along with the letter of appreciation.

Speaking at the program, Chaudhary said that he will continue to raise voice for the protection and promotion of human rights. He added that this honor has motivated him to further work on this field.

INSEC staff and human rights activist Bhajan Ram Chaudhary died in an accident on May 29, 2012.


The first Bhajan Ram award was presented to philanthropist Mangala Devi Shrestha of Bardiya. Similarly, Parbati Bisunkhe and Sabitri Barma has already been felicitated with this award.

Financial Support to age care home

On the occasion of 70th Human Rights Day, a financial support of Rs 300,000 has been provided to Nil Sagar Age Care Home at Nepalgunj Sub-metropolis-9 on December 10. The support was provided jointly by rights activists, social workers, health professionals, lawyers, politicians and media personnel.

The group had collected fund during the “Dipawali” festival and handed over to the age care home. The support was provided with the objective to improve the standard of senior citizens at age care home.


According to INSEC district representative Reema BC of Rupendehi, a morning rally has been organized on the occasion of 70th Human Rights Day. The rally was organized with the objective of commitment to protect and promote of human rights.

Speaking at the program, tourism, industry and environment minister Lila Giri of province 5 said that the provincial government is committed for the protection and promotion of human rights.

Various stakeholders had expressed their views during the program.


According to INSEC district representative Narayan Parajuli of Nawalparasi, international human rights day is marked in the district with various program. During a program, INSEC district representative presented the human rights situation of the district.

Similarly, Human Rights training was provided jointly by INSEC Nawalparasi and Amnesty International to 125 students of Janta Secondary School at Sukrauli on December 10 to mark the human rights day.


INSEC province 5 , Nepalgunj