Complaint lodged against cast based discrimination

  September 15, 2018 By: INSEC

The victim’s party of 12 years old Rakesh Ram of Parwanipur Rural Municipality-3 had lodged complaint against priest Ram Dayal Yadav of Radha Krishna Temple including others on charge of cast based discrimination. The victim’s family said that Rakesh was beaten by the accused on September 10 on charge of drinking water in the temple premises.

DSP Ranjit Singh Rathaur of DPO has confirmed that complaint has lodged at District Police Office and the complaint will be forwarded to Area Police Office of Simra for investigation.

The victim’s mother said that the priest abused her by saying that “lower cast cannot touch water in side temple premises as water becomes impure if they touch it”.

People from Dalit community were  misbehaved and beaten by Ram Dayal Yadav, 30 years old Deepak Yadav, 55 years old Kishan Yadav, 25 years old Anil Yadav, 24 years old Arvind Yadav, 26 years old Rajesh Yadav, 25 years old Anil Yadav including others while they went to gather the information regarding the incident according to local Rakhi Ram.

At least three people were injured in a clash and a team of police from Gandak and Jitpur rescued the injured and they are receiving treatment at Health care hospital in Gandak according to local Upendra Ram.


Bhola Nath Paudel