49 parties confirmed to have submitted PR list

  October 16, 2017 By: INSEC

Various 49 political parties have submitted the closed list of their candidates for the proportional representation (PR) seats in the election to the House of Representatives.

The parties had submitted their PR list on Sunday for the election to the HoR and state assemblies being held on November 26 and December 7. The list was submitted at the central office of the Election Commission in Kantipath.
Likewise, the PR list for the state assemblies’ election was submitted to the respective office of the election officer in the respective provinces. Some parties have submitted PR list only for the state assemblies.
As per the election calendar announced by the EC, the PR list of candidates would be reviewed by the election office until October 21 to see if they meet the required criteria. The concerned parties will have time from October 23 to 28 to have corrections, if required, in their respective PR list.
The PR list along with the number and names will be made public by the Commission on November 3. The Commission had assigned election symbols to 88 political parties taking part in the PR election system.

Subhash Shah