25th International day of people with disability observed

  December 3, 2016 By: INSEC

A 25th International day of people with disability has been observed nation wide with various programs. In Kathmandu a morning rally was organized with a slogan to ensure the future of person with disability.

According to INSEC mid-regional office, a rally was organized in Kathmandu in the occasion of 25th International day of people with disability in coordination with main organizing committee and National Disability Federation and its sister organization on December 3. The rally was started from Brikutimandap, Baghbazar, Ghantaghar, Ratnapark and ended as an assembly in Bhrikutimandap.


Sudarshan Subedi, Chairperson of National Disability Federation said that the ESC rights of the people with disability must be ensured. He added that the state must make a law to guarantee social security of people with disability.

The rally was participated by representatives from various organizations active in this field.

INSEC Lamjung representative Dal Bahadur Majakoti said that an interaction program was organized on the occasion of international day of people with disability. In the program, the stakeholders complained that the people having disability is not getting any services from the government.


Chairperson Chandra Kanta Paudel of Disability Protection Society said that people having disability are still not getting discount in public transportation. He added that there is politics in even distribution of disability identity card.


INSEC district representative Kokila Dhakal of Ilam said that 25th international day of people with disability was observed  with various program. In program, the participants complained that people with disability were not able to access the service provided by the state. Former central chairperson Birendra Raj Pokhrel of National Disability Federation said that the state has not involved person with disability in any of their bodies. Speaking at the program, former chairman Som Nath Subedi of FNJ Ilam said that students with disability in wheel chair could not get a favorable environment while studying.


In the occasion, a rally was organized with placard and slogan in Ilam Bazar. Similarly, various program was organized in Mabu, Jamuna, Nayabazar, Phikkal, Mangalbare of Ilam.

Nepal had already approved the treaty of United nations’ rights of people having disability in 2009.


According to INSEC Baitadi representative Nari Badu, the people with disability requested the stakeholders to initiate to implement the rights ensured by the constitution. They have urged the stakeholders in a program organized at district headquarter on December 3.

Most of the participants were keen about initiating the implementation of their rights in a new constitution.


Chairperson Tara Singh Kunwar of District Disability Federation said that people having disability are deprived of each and every opportunity  and demanded for the representation of people with disability in every sector.

In the assembly, the participants said that out of 58 VDC of the district, 20 VDCs are still left for  data collection of people with disability. They have drawn attention of the District Development Committee to initiate the necessary process.


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