14 Polling stations very sensitive in Ramechhap

  November 15, 2017 By: INSEC

The District Security Committee of Ramechhap has determined 14 polling stations to be very sensitive out of 191 polling stations. The Chief District Officer Dilip Prasad Lamichhane said that 23 polling stations are categorized as sensitive and 53 to be normal.

There is one seat for House of Representative member in Ramechhap district. For this post, 12 candidates from 12 political parties will be contesting. There are 1,52,559 voters in the district of which 76,134 are male and 76,425 male.

The political parties are busy on their election campaign in the district. Until now there has been no serious election related incidents or clash reported in the district.

According to CDO Dilip Prasad Lamichhane, 23 polling stations are tagged as sensitive and other 53 as normal in Ramechhap.

For state assembly in constituency number 1, eight candidates are contesting from eight political parties. There are 36,462 women and 36,705 male voters.


Nawa Raj Pathik