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Tuesday , 19th February 2019


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Human Rights, Humanitarian Law do not fall under the boundary of one country
Publish Date :September 20, 2016  

Suryakiran Gurung is the President of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The commission was formed in 2013 April in order to collect and recommend to take action against the loss of human life and physical destruction during a decade long armed conflict. The Commi....

“If the Government Shows Apathy in Implementing any Recommendations, We Will Publish the List”
Publish Date :September 17, 2015  

For this issue of INFORMAL, Ramesh Timilsina interviewed Prakash Wasti Commissioner at National Human Rights Commission of Nepal (NHRC-Nepal) regarding publicizing ......

“Perpetrators of Human Rights Will be Black-listed”
Publish Date :December 16, 2014  

Former Chief Justice Anup Raj Sharma was appointed as the Chief Commissioner of National Human Rights Commission on October 20. On November 5, Ramesh Prasad Timalsina had an interview with him for INSEConline regarding NHRC’s future programs and its leadership role. H....

You Can Flee Justice But You Cannot Escape Justice
Publish Date :November 17, 2013  

Dinesh Tripathi, LL.M from University of Baltimore, USA is an Advocate at Supreme Court, particularly having a wide range of experiences in constitutional law and human rights. He is also executive member of South Asians for Human Rights, a regional South Asian Organiza....

This Ordinance has Narrowed down the Mandate of the TRC
Publish Date :February 9, 2013  

The government of Nepal has brought an ordinance on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and Disappeared Persons without consulting concerned stakeholders. This move came immediately after the Legislature Parliament expired along with the expiration of the Constituen....

Human Rights Movement in Nepal is Getting Divided
Publish Date :September 28, 2012  

Sushil Pyakurel is founder Chairperson of INSEC and former commissioner of National Human Rights Commission, Nepal. He is one of the prominent personalities in Nepal who have introduced and propelled human rights movement in the country. He has ....

The Report of the Commission is in Favor of Nepal and its People: Dr. Madan Pariyar
Publish Date :May 25, 2012  

The issue of state restructuring is one of the intricate subjects of the constitution writing and the ongoing peace process as a whole. Following unending debates, the political parties in the country reached an....

Professor Dr. Mizanur Rahman, the Chairman of National Human Rights Commission of Bangladesh
Publish Date :February 24, 2012  

South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) is already more than 26 years old. It was established in the South Asian region for the regional cooperation. SAARC incorporated a wide range of issues into its Charters, ....