Monday , 25th March 2019

Monday , 25th March 2019


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The dream of Going to School Remains as a dream Due to early Marriage

Baitadi/December 2, 2016 Slope land, young girls, chatting after resting their sack of grasses that they have cut during the day. They are exchanging their stories. They look like they are from standa....

Post Date :December 2, 2016  
Prison changing into Industry, Doing Jail term and Learning Skills

Holding bamboo stick and Khukuri in hand, he is sometimes sharpening the stick and making chairs and sometimes he is teaching his friends to do it. Basu Khatri of Hadhade-4 is always seen working with....

Post Date :November 7, 2016  
Living In a Pathetic Situation

Tearful eyes, feeble face and messy hair with blouse and Lungi, she is wandering aimlessly in search for....

Post Date :July 21, 2016  
Families of Disappeared Persons Wait for Answers

Pale face. Faint voice. Tearful eyes. It has been long since they are knocking the doors of human rights organizations....

Post Date :July 21, 2016  
Government’s Apathy Leaving Conflict Victims in Dire Needs

Walking around homes in the village with swollen feet and foraging for food for the family....

Post Date :July 21, 2016  
Will Court’s Verdict Provide Justice to the Victims’ Families?

The achievement of historical people's movement is yet to bring smiles to the faces of some families....

Post Date :July 21, 2016  
A Forgotten Human Rights Defender

It was ten in the evening. Knocks at the door were heard. Chameli got up and opened the door. ....

Post Date :July 21, 2016