Saturday , 27th May 2017

Saturday , 27th May 2017


Death Toll of Saptari Incident Reaches Five

Inar Yadav, 57 of Jamuni Madhepura VDC-2 who was injured by the gun shot of Police at Baswatti VDC-5, Saptari, on 6th March 2017 died on 10th March 2017 on the course of treatment. The death toll at Saptari has reached five by with the demise of Yadav. Earlier, one Madhesi Front cadre died on....

Post Update :March 10, 2017,  
A person injured by the gun shot at Saptari died while undergoing treatment

Birendra Kumar Mahato, 34 resident of Maleth VDC-2 who was injured by the gun shot of Police at Rajbiraj Saptari, on 6th March 2017 died on 8th March 2017 on the course of treatment. Mahato who was shot at stomach died at Dharan – based BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences in the cours....

Post Update :March 8, 2017,  
Victims of Saptari incident undergoing treatment

The 6 victims injured due to gun shot of police in clash of March 6 at Saptari are undergoing treatment at BP Koirala  Institute of Health sciences in Dharan. Six UDMF cadres were injured and 3 were killed in police firing on March 6 when the alliance of the Madhes-based parties attempted to....

Post Update :March 7, 2017,  
Accusation of  murder after rape

The victim's family of 11 years old Amita Kumari Mudiyari of Chandbela VDC-9 has accused that the girl was murdered after rape. The dead body of the victim was recovered on February 25 near the field few meters away from her house. She went on missing since February 23 . Local, Gagan Singh said that she might have been murdered after rape. Her murder is suspicious and investigation is underw....

Post Update :February 25, 2017,  
District level Human Rights Watch Group Formed

With the objective of establishing access of civilian to education, food and health rights, an eleven member district level human rights watch group has been formed with a coordination of assistant secretary Pramod Yadav of FNJ. The group was formed under the project operated by INSEC to aware locals and making the concerned bodies responsible and accountable. The member of the group include....

Post Update :January 7, 2017,  
NHRC Initiates Investigation over the murder of a girl

A team of National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has initiated the investigation over the murder of 13 years old Radha Kumari Yadav of Lohaki VDC-2. A dead body of a girl was recovered from the rice field at narsingh VDC-8 on the morning of December 6. The NHRC has initiated the investigation after the accused involved in her mu....

Post Update :January 5, 2017,  
Court Slams eight years for Rapist

The District Court of Sunsari has ordered to sentence 24 years old Shambhu Rishidev Musahar of Ramdhunibhashi Municipality-6 for eight years on charge of raping a 13 years old girl. A single bench of District Court judge Bharat Lamsal had ordered to sentence him after finding him guilty on rape. The court has also ordered for the compensation of Rs 100,000 from the accused to the victim. The....

Post Update :December 21, 2016,  
Thirteen Years Old Girl Murdered, Suspicion of murder after Rape

There has been a suspicion of murder after rape on 13 years old girl from Lauhaki VDC-2 on December 6 however the reason behind the murder and accused is still unidentified. The victim girl was in a rice field at Narsingh VDC-8 early in the morning of December 6. Her dead body was recovered by the locals and informed the police.....

Post Update :December 8, 2016,  
Arrested on charge of marital rape

Police have arrested 49 years old Pancha Dev Mandal of Itahari Municipality-4 on October 26 on charge of marital rape. He was accused of fraudulently marrying a 19 years old girl and committing a marital rape since two years. The accused was arrested by the police after the victim lodged a complaint at Area Police Office of Itahari on October 25 accusing him of fraudulently marrying her despite....

Post Update :October 27, 2016,  
Accused Child molester arrested

The Area Police Office of Itahari has arrested Suman Karki, 25 of Itahari  Sub metropolis-5 on October 7 on charge of molesting a nine years old girl. The accused had molested the girl on October 6 and complaint against him was lodged at Area Police Office of Itahari on October 7 according to DSP Naresh Raj Subedi. The accused was arrested based on the complaint lodged by the victim's fami....

Post Update :October 8, 2016,  
Accused Rapist Arrested

The Area Police Office of Dharan have arrested Dhana Bahadur Damai,36 of Dharan sub-metropolis -15 on August 26 on charge of raping a 27-year-old woman. The accused was arrested after complaint against him was lodged at police office accusing him of raping a post paternal woman on the night of August 25 according to DSP Dhakendra....

Post Update :August 28, 2016,  
Complaint Lodged Against Maoist Cadre For Beating

Journo Jeevan Phuyal, 28 of Itahari Submetropolis-5 has lodged a complaint against Maoist cadres led by Netra Bikram Chand “Biplap”, at Area Police Office of Itahari on August 27 accusing them of beating him on the night of August 26 for spying against the party. The victim who was having dinner at one hotel in Itahari Submet....

Post Update :August 27, 2016,  
Democracy Came For Power, Not For People: Chairman Pyakurel

INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel said that democracy came only for power but not for people as they could not feel it. Speaking at the discussion program with stakeholders in Inaruwa on August 22, Pyakurel said that people were not able to enjoy democracy as state has failed to fulfil its liability. He added that the rights ....

Post Update :August 23, 2016,  
Gang Rape Accused Arrested

Police have arrested Mohamed Musid,19 of Bhaluwa Municipality-7 and Mubarak Miya,19 on July 2 on charge of committing a gang rape on 18-years-old girl on July 1. They were arrested after the victims lodged a complaint at police office on July 2. The police said that other three accused are at large and search for them is underway. Inspector Shiva Pokharel said that a group of five people came i....

Post Update :July 3, 2016,  

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