Accused of Rape Arrested

Police has arrested Prakash Majhi(Madhu), 30, of Dipayal Silgadi Municipality-4 on 5 August for allegedly raping 44 years old women on 29 July. SI Dev Bahadur Kuwar of District Police office, Doti said accused was arrested on 5 August and under investigation as complaint lodged by victim's family. Victim woman's…

August 8, 2019  
Unidentified group set Ward office on Fire

An unidentified group has set fire on the ward office of Jorayal Rural Municipality-4 Laxminagar on 22 July. Nandaraj Bhajja, Ward Chairperson of Ward No four said documents, chair, table and self was destroyed by fire. He also said that unidentified people entered from upper floor of the ward office…

July 23, 2019  
Beneficiaries in crisis as posts for doctors remains vacate

The patients at Kedarakhada Primary Health Center in Bogtan Pudshil Rural Municipality are facing crisis for one year due to the vacate post of the doctors. The posts for the doctors remain vacant for a long time violating the right to health of the people provided by the constitution of…

June 18, 2019  
Man Held on charge of killing wife

Police have arrested Krishna Nepali, 45 of Dipayal Silgadhi Municipality-3 on June 17 on charge of killing his wife Meena Nepali,40 by using scissor. The investigation on the incident is undergoing according to the police. The accused in an inebriated state attacked his wife with scissor on her stomach and…

June 18, 2019  
NSU cadres misbehaves chief of Education Development and coordination Unit

The cadres of Nepal Students Union have misbehaved chief Ananta Kumar Paudel of education development and coordination unit on March 24 by smearing black soot on his face. A group of cadres misbehaved him in his office room according to the chief. The cadres after misbehaving him released the nine-points…

March 25, 2019  
Man Held for Sexual abuse

Police have arrested 48 years old Khadga bahadur Magar of Joyaral Rural Municipality on February 12 on charge of sexual abuse on 15 years old girl. The victim was abused by the accused on February 11 and complaint against him was lodged at Area Police Office of Jorayal by the…

February 14, 2019  
Arrested on charge of sexual abuse

Police have arrested a teacher  of Bogtaan Rural Municipality Rural on charge of sexual abuse on nine years old girl. The accused had shown some explicit videos on February 3 and victim’s family lodged complaint at police on a same day. He was arrested by the police on February 4…

February 5, 2019  
Rape accused arrested

Police have arrested 12 and 8 years old boys on October 21 on charge of raping three years old girl. The victim’s party had lodged complaint at police office on October 21 on charge of rape on October 14 and both accused were bought to the police office for investigation.…

October 22, 2018  
Man Arrested on charge of raping elderly woman

Police have arrested 22 years old Ganesh Dhami of Bogatan Rural Municipality-1  Simchaur on October 1 on charge of raping 77 years old elderly woman. The victim had lodged complaint at police on a same day against the rape. Inspector Dhruba Bista of DPO said that the incident is under…

October 3, 2018  
Police arrested a man on charge of rape

Police have arrested 28 years old Yogendra Balayar of Shikhar Municipality-6 on September 30on charge of raping 17 years old girl. The victim's relative had lodged complaint at DPO on September 29 on charge of rape on September 25. She underwent health checkup at District Health Office according to police.

October 1, 2018