Complaint Filed against Accused of Rape

A complaint has been lodged at police on 14 September against Dhaniram Chaudary, 50, of Godawori Municipality-7 for allegedly raping at 17 years old girl on 8 June. DSP Dakshya Kumar Basnet of District Police Office said complaint was filed by victim's family on 14 September stating accused Chaudhary repeatedly…

September 17, 2019  
Ward Office Torched

As per the District Police Office unidentified party has burned the Bhimdatta Municipality-19 ward office at Bangfanta on 12 September. Ward Chairperson Damodar Mahara said unidentified party broke into the ward office and torched by spreading petrol. By fire important materials including documents, furniture, computer, and printer were destroyed. SP…

September 13, 2019  
Engineer Arrested on Charge of Rape

Police has arrested Roshan Chand, 27, of Melauli Municipality-3 on charge of raping 18 years old girl on 10 September. Inspector Kishan Chand of District Police Office said former engineer of Melauli Municipality Chand was arrested as per the complaint lodged by victim's family as District Police Office, Baitadi on…

September 11, 2019  
Accused Arrested for Abduction

Police has arrested Lokendra Kadayat, 29, of Dhangadi Sub Metropolitan city-16. Anil Rana, 21, and Sandip Rana, 22, of same place on charge of abducting 16 years old girl on 10 September. DSP Dakshya Kumar Basnet of District Police Office said accused were arrested as per the complaint filed by…

September 11, 2019  
Unidentified people Torched CPN Leader’s Vehicle

An unidentified people destroyed CPN's local leader Gauri Prasad Joshi's Ba9cha 6597 vehicle by setting fire while parked at home. DSP Dakshya Kumar Basnet said local people took control over the fire and the suspects are still unknown. DSP Basnet also added police is searching for responsible person.

September 11, 2019  
Corporal Punishment for not doing Homework

Mansingh Khadka, teacher of Badimalika English Boarding School, Martadi is been accused for corporal punishment to class one student Pabindra Thapa, 8, of Tribeni Municipality-9 on 4 September by victim's family. Krishna Thapa, mother of victim Pabindra Thapa said Nepali subject teacher Thapa beat her son by pipe and got…

September 5, 2019  
Accused of Rape Arrested

Police has arrested Gopal BK, 20, of Turmakhand Rural Municipality-8, Punepata on charge of raping 16 years old girl after abduction on 3 September. DSP Janak Bahadur Shahi of District Police Office said accused was arrested by Chaukhutte Police on Chaukhutte Rural Municipality while he was taking her to Dhangadi…

September 4, 2019  
CPN (Biplov)’s Area Incharge Arrested

Police has arrested Netra Bikram Chand (Biplov) lead CPN's Parasuram area incharge 35 years old Daman Nepali. DSP Dhadiram Neupany of District Police Office, Dadeldhura said incharge Nepali was arrested from his home on 4 September. DSP Neupane added arrested Nepali is been kept at District Police Office in detention…

September 4, 2019  
Accused Arrested on Charge of Rape

Police have arrested Milan Dewal, 22, of Gauriganga Municipality-7 on charge of raping 15 years old girl on morning of 21 August. Inspector Kamal Bahadur Bista, of District Police Office said accused has been arrested for investigation after a complaint filed by victim's family stating accused raped the girl on…

August 21, 2019  
Teacher Arrested on charge of Rape

Police has arrested 29 years old Dan singh Dhami, teacher of Samauji Primary school of Naugadh Rural Municipality-5 on 15 August for allegedly raping 14 years old girl on 11 August. Inspector Prem Khadka of District Police office said accused was arrested for investigation as per the complaint filed by…

August 20, 2019