Friday , 22nd March 2019

Friday , 22nd March 2019


Inmates and detainees facing crisis due to over crowd

The District prison of Solukhumbu is facing difficulties due to the overcrowded prison. The District Prison has a capacity to accommodate 25 inmates and detainees however there are 71 inmates and detainees including 55 convicts and 16 detainees. The overcrowded prison is raising the issue of security along with the hygiene of the....

Post Update :January 10, 2019,  
Beneficiaries complained of not getting insurance service

The beneficiaries of Solududhkunda have complained of not getting insurance services despited of being insured. Dawa Sherpa,43 of the same municipality complained ofnot getting any benefits despite of being insured. Sherpa said that she did not get medicine and treatment in District Hospital of Phaplu  after she went to hospital....

Post Update :January 2, 2019,  
 Students of Mahkulung Rural Municipality suddenly suffering sickness

More than 200 students of Basic School in Mahakulung Rural Municipality-2, Bung became sick suddenly spreading havoc among the locals. Since January 15 few of the students were having symptoms of cold but until January 16 more than 200 students are affected with the symptom terrorizing locals. ....

Post Update :January 17, 2018,  
Human resource crunch affects health service delivery in Solu

Health service delivery has been affected in this mountainous district in the eastern part of the country in the absence of suffici....

Post Update :July 26, 2017,