Tuesday , 21st November 2017

Tuesday , 21st November 2017


Gold Trader Shot Dead in Sarlahi

A gold trader has been shot dead by unidentified persons on Tuesday quoting RSS as a source. Sunil Saha, 27, was shot at by the unidentified group when he was on his way home to Pipariya, Kabilasi rural municipality-3 after closing his shop at Pidari in Haripur Municipality. Saha was travelling on his motorcycle when a gang of three or four persons, who were waiti....

Post Update :October 11, 2017,  
Girl injured in Sarlahi Explosion

One girl was injured in Balara of Sarlahi after a bomb was exploded on the morning of September 16 . The bomb was exploded at Balara Municiplaity-2, Hatiyol Jamuniya near India border where 10 years old Rasmita Sahani was injured. The girl is receiving treatment at Health Center in Achalgadh. The Area Police Office of Gadahiya sa....

Post Update :September 17, 2017,  
Violation of Code of Conduct Rampant as regulating body is apathetic

The speakers in a program organized by CCCE in Sarlahi said that the violation of code of conduct is rampant in the district due to the apathy shown by the election commission on strict enforcement of it. The speakers said that the violation of code of conduct is increasing as regulating body is not being active on its enforcemen....

Post Update :September 14, 2017,  
Incessant Rain Claims lives of three, Highway disrupted

At least three people were killed and one is still missing in a flood due to the incessant rain in Sarlahi. Police has confirmed that 85 years old Hari Bahadur Subedi of Hariban Municipality-8 has died after he was swept away by the flood in Bagmati river in Sarlahi. His body was recovered near the river bank at Karmaiya. Prior t....

Post Update :August 13, 2017,  
Accused rapist arrested

Police have arrested 25 years old Gyan Bahadur Rhumba of Lal Bandi Municipality-10 on July19 on charge of raping eight years old girl. The girl was raped on June 29 and complaint was lodged very late however the police have arrested the accused after the complaint against him was lodged on July 17 according to Area Police Office of Lalbandi. The victim underwent a health checkup at District ....

Post Update :July 20, 2017,  
Arrested on charge of alleging of being witch

Police have arrested 55 years old Sanumaya Loh and her 18 years old daughter Lali Maya Loh on charge of beating 36 years old Sunita Moktan of Bagmati Municipality-3, Dharhar, alleging her of being witch. The complaint against the accused was lodged at Area Police Office of Hariban on July 18 by the victim’s party. The victim wa....

Post Update :July 19, 2017,  
Honesty needed for clean election: Stakeholders

The speakers at the interaction program on Human Rights and Election organized by CCCE in Hariban of Sarlahi district on June 14 stressed that the political parties and candidates must adopt patience in order to make election clean and discipline. Speaking at the program, CCCE co-chair and INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel condemned about the incident of cordon....

Post Update :June 15, 2017,  
RJP Obstruct Upendra Yadav to enter the Assembly in Sarlahi

The cadres of RJP have obstructed Upendra Yadav, chairperson of Federal Socialist Forum Nepal, to go to the assembly venue at Bishnupur-5 of Sarlahi by showing black flag. The forum chairman Yadav was scheduled to address the cadres welcoming program in Sarlahi where the cadres of RJP had disrupted his entry by obstructing the ro....

Post Update :June 11, 2017,  
Seven Years old boy abducted from Sarlahi

Two persons came in a motor bike with an Indian number plate and abducted seven years old Rakesh Yadav, son of businessman Pukar Yadav of Barthawa village council-6 on May 29. The police inspector Lalan Prasad Kurmi of Area Police Office of Barthawa said that the boy was abducted and disappeared on the evening of May 29. The sear....

Post Update :May 31, 2017,  
Musahar Students enrolled in School in support of INSEC

At least 60 students from Musahar village were enrolled in school by the support of INSEC. They were not in access of school despite of free education provided by the state. The community in the district of Terai and Madhes being under poverty level could not enroll their children in the school. ....

Post Update :May 23, 2017,  
Women killed by Using sharp weapon

  The District Police Office of Sarlahi has recovered a dead body of Nunu Devi Rai,65 of Phulparasi VDC-4  on January 15 according to DSP Sita Ram Rijal. Police said that she must have been murdered by using a Sharpe weapon. She has been heinously killed rights after the death of her husband one month ago according to the police. He body was recovered from the house with several deep c....

Post Update :January 16, 2017,  
Mother Commits Suicide after Killing her Infant

The Area Police Office of Barthawa said that 22 years old Sabita Pal of Barthwa-11 has committed suicide on January 4 after killing her five years old son Aman Pal by giving him poison. Police said that the condition of another three years old son, Prince Pal, remains critical. He was taken to....

Post Update :January 5, 2017,  
Poverty leads mother to Commit Suicide after giving Poison to her daughters

Gundra Devi Pandit,30 of Pipariya-3 and her 10 years old daughter Chanda Kumari died after consuming poison due to the poverty according to District Police Office of Sarlahi. On January 2, mother Gundra Devi locked the door and gave poison to her 13 years old daughter Puja Kumari, Chanda Kumari and three years old Radha Kumari. After that she consumed poison and committed suicide according to I....

Post Update :January 4, 2017,  
Arrested On Charge of Witchcraft Allegation

Police have arrested locals Sulman Ansari, Alam Ansari and Majid Ansari on September 22 on charge of misbehaving and feeding human excretes to a 55-year-old Sayera Khatun of Madhubani-9 alleging her of being witch. They were arrested by Area police office of Gadhiya based on a verbal complaint lodged by the victim according to DS....

Post Update :September 22, 2016,  
Absconding Rapist Arrested

Police have re arrested Rakesh Ram, 20 of Ishworpur VDC-7 on August 6 who was absconded from the custody of Area Police Office of Ishworpur from August 5.   He was arrested on July 1 on charge of raping a 15-years-old girl on June 30. He absconded from the custody by breaking toilet window and re arrested from Nepal-India border on August 6 according to District Police Office of Sarlahi....

Post Update :August 7, 2016,  

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