Complaint Filed Against Rape Accused

The victim has lodged a complaint against Rajesh Pal, 21, of Susta Rural Municipality-3 at the Area Police Office, Beltari on November 18 on the charge of raping a 27-year-old girl. According to Inspector Khumananda Pandey, a complaint has been lodged against the accused of raping the victim on November…

November 20, 2020  
Rape Accused Arrested

Police has arrested Rohit Yadav (22) of Sunawal Municipality-2 accusing him of rape on a 15-year-old girl on 21 January. The victim was raped on 20 January and a complaint was filed against the accused at the District Police Office on 20 January, said DSP Birendra Thapa. The health checkup…

January 22, 2020  
CPN (Biplov)’s Area Incharge Arrested

Police has arrested Netra Bikram Chand (Biplov) lead CPN's Sunwal area incharge Aatma Ram Sharma Jaisi, 42, of Sunwal Municipality-11 on 2 September. DSP Birendra Thapa said incharge Jaisi was arrested from his home on suspicion on unpleasant incidents might happen in the district.

September 3, 2019  
Rape accused arrested

Police have arrested 60 years old Ekbal Khan of Sarawal Rural Municiality-4 on June 16 on charge of raping 23 years old woman. The victim was raped by an accused on June 15 and complaint against him was lodged at District Police Office by the victim’s family on a same…

June 16, 2019  
Nepal Communist Party (Biplov) cadre rearrested

Police have rearrested 38 years old cadre Ramesh Bashyal of Nepal Communist Party (Biplov) of Bardaghat Municipality-4 on May 27 immediately after the court ordered him to release on a bail amount. The accused was arrested by the police a month ago and the court had ordered to  release him…

May 28, 2019  
Arrested on charge of Rape

Police have arrested 15 years old boy on May 27 on charge of sexually abusing five years old girl. The victim’s party had lodged complaint at Area Police Office of Belwari on May 27 accusing a boy of raping her on May 26 according to SI Shanker Shrestha. The victim…

May 27, 2019  
Man Held on charge of rape

Police have arrested 23 years old Uttam Kumar Harijan of Pratappur Rural Municipality-2 on May 27 on charge of raping 17 years old girl by luring and taking hostage on her. The accused had taken a girl into hostage from February 8 till May 27 and raped her. The victim’s…

May 27, 2019  
District Member of Biplov led NCP arrested

Police have arrested 34 years old district member Ramesh Basyal of Bardaghat Municipality-4 led by “Biplov” on April 14 on charge of being involved in party’s activities.  DSP Birendra Thapa said that he was arrested from his house for the investigation. Basyal was charged for being involved in party’s activities…

April 15, 2019  
District In charge of Nepal Communist Party ( Biplov), arrested

Police have arrested District In charge Ganga Prasad Gyawali, 44 of Bardaghat Municipality-4 on March 26. The government has imposed restriction on any activities of Biplov led communist party. Gyawali is charged of setting fire in two trucks parked at Sarawal Rural Municipality-1, Basabasai on March 14 according to SI…

March 28, 2019  
Arrested on charge of sexual abuse

Police have arrested 24 years old Ambaresh Kumar Gupta of Ramgram Municipality-9 on March 12 on charge of sexually abusing 14 years old girl. The accused on march 11 had abused the girl and the complaint against him was lodged at District Police Office on March 12 by the victim’s…

March 13, 2019