Wednesday , 22nd February 2017

Wednesday , 22nd February 2017


One injured in a police firing

Birendra Jaishi of Patharaiya VDC, Jharakaiya was injured in a firing by patrolling police on the night of February 12. The injured was rished to Kathmandu for treatment according to SP Arjun Chand Thakuri. The victim was injured while police fired a bullet for the security after villagers sta....

Post Update :February 13, 2017,  
Children Deprived of Immunization Vacine

There has been an acute shortage of BCG Vaccine for infant and other free essential medicine like Citamol, Amgit and Digine in health posts at Godawari VDC since three months. Local volunteer Radhika Joshi said that the patients are in crisis after the shortage in essential medicine. Assistant Health Worker Tirtha Bahadur Bohara ....

Post Update :January 2, 2017,  
 Complaint against police for intimidating

  Lok Raj Pandey, 32 of Attariya Municipality-13, Padam Ojha of same municipality-4 and Bal Krishna Ojha of ward no. 3 have complained that they were beaten by the police while protesting against handing over of forest. The victims complained that they were beaten on charge of protesting against District Forest Of Kailali f....

Post Update :October 3, 2016,  
Application Lodged at INSEC for Initiating Support

A victim's brother Ganesh Singh Bohara of Baitadi, Dilasaini VDC-1 has lodged an application at INSEC urging to initiate the whereabouts of his brother Dev Singh Bohara working at army headquarter of Dipayal who has been given mental and physical torture on charge of missing arms and ammunitions from the headquarter before his disappearance. ....

Post Update :September 5, 2016,  
Conflict victims demand to show their loved once

The conflict victims family of disappeared people said that they will get justice  if the state can give recent information about their loved once despite of distributing money in the name of sympathy. Conflict victim Krishna Chaudhary, while speaking at the inter dialogue program  on Augus....

Post Update :August 31, 2016,  
Complaint Lodged On charge of Caste Discrimination

Hikmat Darji,40 of Dhangadhi sub-metropolis-4 has lodged a complaint at District police office against temple priest 1008 Swami Dev Raj Acharya for misbehaving him while performing prayers at Laxmi Narayan Temple. He ....

Post Update :August 31, 2016,  
Three Women Rescued From Going Abroad Illegally

Three women trying to go abroad illegally from Gaurifanta check post of Kailali have been rescued from Dhangadhi sub metropolis-2 on August 9. They were rescued during a process of checking at post after they said that they were going to Delhi according to field supervisor Kailashu Rana of peace re building home, Kailali. ....

Post Update :August 10, 2016,