CPN (Biplov)’s District Member Arrested

Police has arrested Netra Bikram Chand(Biplov) lead CPN's Tanahun district member and ANNIUS(R) district chairperson Mamata Ruchal, 28, of Byas Municipality-2 on 25 August. As per SP Binod Silwal of District Police Office, said Ruchal was arrested from Byas Municipality-11, Dhade for investigation. SP Silwal said various items related to…

August 26, 2019  
CPN (Biplov)’s District Secretary Arrested

Police has arrested Netra Bikram Chand(Biplov) lead CPN's district secretary Bir Bahadur Thapa, 52, of Kawasoti Municipality-3 on 24 August.   DSP Arjun Ranabhat of District Police Office, Nawalparasi Bardaghat East said Thapa was arrested from Narayani Bridge situated between Nawalparasi east and Chitwan districts.   DSP Ranabhat added arrested…

August 25, 2019  
Man Arrested for Killing his Wife

Police have arrested 20 years old Yakub Pariyar of Gorkha Municipality-9, Laxmibazar on charge of killing his 20 years old wife Pura Pariyar by cutting throat on 17 August. Police said, Yakub was arrested on charge of killing his wife Puja on 17 August around 10 PM. SP Om Adhikari…

August 18, 2019  
Accused Arrested for Killing

Police had arrested Masane Kami, 61, of Dhorpatan Municipality-8, Bobang on charge of killing his elder brother Bhan Bahadur Kami, 64, and sister in law 60 years old Bima Kami whose dead body was found on 10 August. SP Nawaraj Bhatta of District Police office, Baglung said accused Kami was…

August 16, 2019  
CPN(Biplov) leader Arrested

Police has arrested Netra Bikram Chand(Biplov) lead CPN's leader from Baglung on 13 August. According to DSP Jhabindra Prasad Bhattarai of District Police Office, Mahendra Bhandari, 28, of Dhorpatan Municipality-5 was arrested. DSP Bhattarai added leader Bhandari was arrested for his involvement on collecting donations by threatening business personnel.

August 14, 2019  
Biplov Lead CPN Cadre Arrested

Police has arrested Netra Bikram Chand (Biplov) lead CPN's Nawalparasi Bardaghat East district member Kasiram kadel, 68, of Gaidakot Municipality-14 on 4 August. According to DSP Arjun Ranabhat of District Police office, Kadel was arrested for investigation form his home for his involvement on arson of district court vehicles and…

August 6, 2019  
Biplov Lead CPN Cadre Arrested

Police has arrested 21 years old Netra Bikram Chand (Biplov) lead CPN cadre Rajan Saud of Bannigadi Jayagadh Rural Municipality-5, Accham district and currently residing at Pokhara Metropolitan City-1, Bagar on 2 August. As per the DSP Rajkumar KC of District police office Kaski, Saud was arrested for general inquiry.…

August 2, 2019  
Person Arrested for Sexual Misconduct

Police has arrested Yam Bahadur BK, 73, of Chapakot Municipality-9 on the charge of sexual abuse to a nine years old girl on 22 July. The victim family filed a complaint at the Ward Police Office, Waling on 22 July stating that BK had sexually abused the girl on same…

July 25, 2019  
Accused of Rape Arrested

Police have arrested 18 years old Ramesh Gharti of Burtibang Municipalit-2, Baglung District on charge of raping 16 years old girl on July 18. According to DSP Tul Bahadur Karki of District Police Office, Mustang accused was arrested from Baragung Muktichetra Rural Municipality-1, Muktinath. Victim's health checkup was conducted at…

July 20, 2019  
Accused to Rape Arrested

Police has arrested 47 years old Keshar Bahadur Kshetry of Bhrikot Municipality-7, as he is accused of raping 23 years old woman with disability. Complaint against him was filed on 11th July after 4 days of the incident. The accused who was absconding after the incident was arrested on 13th…

July 16, 2019