Friday , 22nd February 2019

Friday , 22nd February 2019


Man Held for Sexual abuse

Police have arrested 48 years old Khadga bahadur Magar of Joyaral Rural Municipality on February 12 on charge of sexual abuse on 15 years old girl. The victim was abused by the accused on February 11 and complaint against him was lodged at Area Police Office of Jorayal by the victim’s family. ....

Post Update :February 14, 2019,  
Arrested on charge of sexual abuse

Police have arrested a teacher  of Bogtaan Rural Municipality Rural on charge of sexual abuse on nine years old girl. The accused had shown some explicit videos on February 3 and victim’s family lodged complaint at police on a same day. He was arrested by the police on February 4 according to DSP Dil Bahadur Dhami of DPO, Doti....

Post Update :February 5, 2019,  
Rape accused arrested

Police have arrested 12 and 8 years old boys on October 21 on charge of raping three years old girl. The victim’s party had lodged complaint at police office on October 21 on charge of rape on October 14 and both accused were bought to the police office for investigation. Police chief Manoha....

Post Update :October 22, 2018,  
Man Arrested on charge of raping elderly woman

Police have arrested 22 years old Ganesh Dhami of Bogatan Rural Municipality-1  Simchaur on October 1 on charge of raping 77 years old elderly woman. The victim had lodged complaint at police on a same day against the rape. Inspector Dhruba Bista of DPO said that the incident is under the investigation. On October 2, the victim ....

Post Update :October 3, 2018,  
Police arrested a man on charge of rape

Police have arrested 28 years old Yogendra Balayar of Shikhar Municipality-6 on September 30on charge of raping 17 years old girl. The victim's relative had lodged complaint at DPO on September 29 on charge of rape on September 25. She underwent health checkup at District Health Office according to police. ....

Post Update :October 1, 2018,  
Inmates and Detainees facing difficulties due to dilapidated building

The inmates and detainees at District Prison of Doti are facing difficulties due to the dilapidated condition of the building. They are compelled to use plastic as a shelter to avoid water from leaking roof. Chief District Officer (CDO) Yadav Prasad Subedi said that inmates and detainees are facing difficulties due to the leaking....

Post Update :September 25, 2018,  
Patients facing difficulties due to the strike in hospital

The patients are facing difficulties after the services of the District Hospital except emergency services were disrupted due to the strike by the health officials since February 20. The health personnel are agitated on the issue of beating on medical officer Dr Jitendra Kumar Singh during the dispute with patients. ....

Post Update :March 6, 2018,  
General strike in Doti continues demanding Dipayal as province capital

General strike enforced in Doti demanding Dipayal as the Province -7 capital continued for the past four consecutive days on Saturday quoting RSS. The market, government offices, non-government organisations and educational institutions remained closed, while transportation halted. Demonstrations and protest programmes were held on the initiatives of the struggle co....

Post Update :January 6, 2018,  
Agitators set fire on Vehicle

Normal lives of people have been affected in Dipayal after the demonstrators called on Bandh demanding to make Dipayal as a capital of province number 7. The agitators have set fire in a motorbike with a registration number Se1Pa868. The motorbike is completely destroyed in an incident. After the strike was called on, other neighboring districts like Doti, Achaam and Bajura have been affecte....

Post Update :January 3, 2018,  
Army Captain and armed police inspector accused of threatening candidate

Captain of Nepal army and armed police inspector deployed at Badikedar village council of Doti were accused of threatening CPN Maoist center candidate according to the victim. On June 21, Nepal army captain Dhruba Bahadur Rana and armed police inspector Dhansing Mahara was accused of threatening Maoist candidate Junga Bahadur B.K....

Post Update :June 23, 2017,  
Dispute over the budget allocated for Women Development title

There has been dispute after the 25th village council operated by Gaguda village development committee had allocated the budget amount of Rs 297,000 somewhere else which was previously allocated under women development title. According to VDC secretary Harka Bogati, the dispute raised after the disagreement on distribu....

Post Update :January 4, 2017,  
Essential medicine crunch in Doti

There has been a shortages in essential medicine in health posts of Doti district due to the negligence by District Health Office. The shortages was due to the District Health Office being chief less from a long time, lack of coordination in medicine sent from the center and not being able to transport medicine by District Health....

Post Update :January 1, 2017,