Wednesday , 22nd November 2017

Wednesday , 22nd November 2017


Arrested on charge of involving in ant-election activities

Police have arrested NCP district committee secretary member Netra Bahadur Basnet of Melung rural municipality -3 on November 20 on charge of involving in anti-election activities. He was arrested for the possible security threat during election according to inspector Ramesh Pradhan of DPO.  ....

Post Update :November 22, 2017,  
Son Arrested on charge of killing mother

Police have arrested 35 years old son Kumar Basnet of Bhimeshwor municipality-8 on charge of killing his 71 years old mother by attacking her with wooden stick on October 8. He attacked his mother with a wooden stick while she was working near the field. She died in a spot according to DSP Rameshwor Karki of DPO of Dolakha. ....

Post Update :October 9, 2017,  
Arrested on charge of Child Marriage

Police have arrested  23 years old Bishnu Bhujel of Sailung Rural Municipality-4 on August 31 on charge of marrying with 13 years old girl. Police have also arrested 23 years old Nirmala Bhujel of Melung Rural Municipality-2 on charge of involving on their marriage. The victim’s party had lodged a complaint at District Police ....

Post Update :August 31, 2017,  
Arrested on Charge of Rape

Police have arrested 84 years old Raghu Nath Subedi of Bhimeshwor Municipality-7 on July 15 on charge of raping a six years old girl. The victim's family had lodged a complaint against the accused in District Police Office on July 14 on charge of raping a girl while she was alone in her home. ....

Post Update :July 17, 2017,  
Person dies in a police firing

Nepali Congress cadre Nakul Bhujel,32 died in a police firing at Sateshwor polling centre in Melung Village council-1. Police opened fire after the cadres attempted to capture the booth. The injured were airlifted to Kathmandu for the treatment according to FNJ central member Chiranjibi  Maskey.  ....

Post Update :May 14, 2017,  
Police opens fire after the NC and Maoist centre cadres’ attempts to capture booth

Police opens fire in polling centre at Health Post in Tamakoshi village council-3, Japhe, Dolakha after the cadres of Maoist centre and Nepali Congress attempted to capture remaining ballot papers. Until 2 Pm 732 votes were cast out of 1225 voters.  ....

Post Update :May 14, 2017,  
Clash in polling centre in Dolakha

There was a clash between cadres of NC and CPN UML in polling centre at Janajyoti Secondary School of Tamakoshi Village council-5 after both both parties attempted to restrict voters to cast their votes. Police fired three rounds of fire to control the mob. In firing, Lila Khadka of same village council was injured. She is receiv....

Post Update :May 14, 2017,  
Clash at Polling Centre in Dolakha

There has been a clash reported between the cadres of Nepali Congress, Maoist centre and CPN UML at Jhule polling centre in Dolakha Tamakoshi Village council-2. The voters were obstructed to enter the polling centre by the cadres after which the clash started. In a clash, Ashok Karki, cadres o....

Post Update :May 14, 2017,  
Clash between NC and CPN UML cadres, UML cadre abducted

A clash has been reported between the cadres of CPN UML and NC at Tamakoshi village council-6, Chyama while both the party’s cadres were on a voter’s education campaign. During a clash, Shanta KC husband of UML candidate was abducted by the cadres of Nepali Congress and was later released on May 13. He was released after the ....

Post Update :May 13, 2017,  
One killed in clash between Maoist Centre – CPN UML

A person was killed and around a dozen injured after a bloody clash broke out between the CPN (Maoist Centre) and ....

Post Update :May 10, 2017,  
Complaint Lodged against the accused of Murder of UML cadres

A complaint has been lodged against CPN Maoist centre leader and former state minister Devi Khadka along with 39 others by the ward candidate Gore Tamang at District Police office on May 10 on charge of their involvement in killing of his 33 years old son Kul Bahadur Tamang of Gaurishankar Village council on May 9. The family has....

Post Update :May 10, 2017,  
Arrested on charge of alleging witch and feeding Human Excrete

Police have arrested 56 years Kale B.K and 46 years old Keshav B.K of Hawa VDC-3 on November 21 charge of alleging Tirtha Maya B.K of being witch and feeding her with human excrete on November 12. The victim had lodged a complaint at District Police Office on November 21 against the accused according to police inspector Lalan Pra....

Post Update :November 22, 2016,  
Earthquake Victims said –“ We did not even see Technicians Face”

Most of the earthquake victims participated in a public hearing program said that they did not even saw the face of technicians. The public hearing program was organized by INSEC in Kalika High School at Sundrawati VDC ON November 14. ....

Post Update :November 15, 2016,  
Accused Bigamous Arrested

Police have arrested Nawa Raj Basnet,30 and Nirmala KC,22 on September 5 on charge of polygamy based on the complaint lodged by the accused first wife Parbati Basnet,30 of Jungu VDC-8. The victim had lodged a complaint on September 4 seeking for justice. ....

Post Update :September 5, 2016,  
Accused Rapist Arrested

A 13-years-old boy has been arrested by the police on August 8 on charge of raping six years old girl.   According to the inspector Lalan Prasad Kurmi of DPO Dolakha, the boy has been kept under the supervision of DPO.   The victim’s family had lodged a complaint at DPO on August 8 on charge of raping a girl on August 6.   According to the police, the victim unde....

Post Update :August 8, 2016,  

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