Sunday , 22nd April 2018

Sunday , 22nd April 2018


Medicine Crunch in Health Organization

The health organizations of Dadeldhura district are facing medicine crunch after the local level failed to purchase 32 types of free medicine determined by the government. The health organizations said that the shortage is due to the local level failing to purchase essential medicine. There has been shortage in medicine at Samaij....

Post Update :April 21, 2018,  
16 polling stations very sensitive in Dadeldhura

The District Security Committee has concluded that 16 polling stations are very sensitive. There are 77 polling stations and 177 polling centers in Dadeldhura of which 37 stations are sensitive and 24 are normal. The security has been tightened in the district based on a security analysis according to CDO Janak Raj Bhatta. Securi....

Post Update :November 21, 2017,  
Parties Commits not to do assemblies and rallies at the same places

The political parties of the district have committed of not organizing rallies and assemblies at the same time so as to make the local level election fair, clean and fearless. The all party meeting held at District Administration Office on June 18 has shown their commitment of not organizing rallies and assemblies at the same tim....

Post Update :June 19, 2017,  
Political Parties Committed not to use children in election

The active political parties of the district have committed and shown solidarity of not using children in any election related activities. The commitment was shown by the political parties in all-party meeting held in District Administration Office on June 13. The major political parties have ....

Post Update :June 13, 2017,  
Demand to re construct the infrastructures destroyed during armed conflict

The beneficiaries of the district have demanded for the reconstruction of physical infrastructures that were destroyed or damaged during a decade long armed conflict. Secretary Karan Bahadur Kami of Ajayameru village council-3 said that renting the office is expensive and in other hand it will create difficult in providing services to the beneficiaries. In Dadelshura district, the area fores....

Post Update :June 12, 2017,  
 Interaction on Human Rights and Election Held in Dadeldhura

An interaction program is held in Dadledhura on June 3 under the Citizen's Campaign for Clean Election (CCCE) on Human Rights and Election. While speaking at the program CCCE co-chairperson and INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel said that the local level election can be the means to re-join the relationship that was broken bet....

Post Update :June 3, 2017,  
Political Parties committed not to use children in Election

Various political parties of the district have shown their commitment of not using children during the election campaign or in any election related activities for the second phase of local level election scheduled for June 28. The parties have committed of not using children in "unlawful" political activities. ....

Post Update :June 1, 2017,  
Voters disappointed after the government’s decision to shift election

The voters of the district are disappointed after the government decided to conduct election in two phases. Voters were eagerly waiting to cast their votes for the local level election almost after two decades. Now they have to wait another month for the election. After the government's announcement of the election on May 14, mos....

Post Update :April 26, 2017,  
Political Parties commits on not using Children in election related activities

The active political parties of the district committed of not using children in their election related campaign. The leaders of the parties showed their commitment in an initiation of District Child Wale fare Committee on April 23. The commitment came after the parties and leaders were urged to not use children during their elect....

Post Update :April 23, 2017,  
Discussion Program on Pre-election Human Rights situation

The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has operated discussion program on pre-election human rights situation of the district  on April 22. The program was organized by INSEC regional office of Dhangadhi and it was led by INSEC Far-western regional coordinator Khadga Raj Joshi. During the....

Post Update :April 23, 2017,  
Husband commits sucicide after killing his wife

Kari Bohara, 38 of Alital village council -7, Khinnebhadi has murdered his 30 years old wife Janaki Bohara by using sickle on March 25. After killing his wife, the accused committed suicide by hanging in a tree near the house according to the District Police Office of Dadeldhura. The incident is under investigation according to the police.  ....

Post Update :March 25, 2017,  
Human Rights Defenders Regional Conference Held Issuing Eight-Point Manifesto

The Human Rights Defenders regional conference was held in Dadeldhura on September 18 issuing an eight-points manifesto demanding government to  guarantee self dignity and security of Human Rights defenders, drawing attention of NHRC to provide ID card for them, immediate implementation of human rights act etc. The program was o....

Post Update :September 18, 2016,  
Accusation of Selling Expired Medicine Due to the Lack of Monitoring

The activists of the district have accused that pharmacies of all nine districts of far-western region had sold expired and illicit medicine in last financial year due to the lack of monitoring in pharmacies. They have accused that 1371 pharmacies are selling illicit medicine in the districts. ....

Post Update :August 27, 2016,  

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