Monday , 21st January 2019

Monday , 21st January 2019


Beneficiaries Complains of not getting Social Security Allowances

   The senior citizens complained of not getting security allowances even in Hindu's great festival Dashain. According to the INSEC district representative Man Datta Rawal, senior citizens at Jumal district c did not get social security allowances which has hampered their merry making and feasting celebration in a great fe....

Post Update :October 8, 2016,  
Ostracized On charge of Inter caste marriage

In Nepal, legally, caste discrimination have ended 50 years ago.. It is crime to discriminate any one based on their caste, religion, race or sex. However, still  there are some kind of social discrimination prevailing  in our society. Even whole family gets victimized if a person of that family gets interracial or intercaste m....

Post Update :October 7, 2016,  
Nine Years Old Boy Found Dead

A dead body of nine years old boy Rajan Patel, son of Binod Patel of Birjung sub metropolis-16 was recovered from the premises of Sugar Mill on October 6 . The body sustained head, nose and eyes injuries along with several bruises over the body. The police is suspecting that he might have been murdered by someone. ....

Post Update :October 7, 2016,  
Food Shortages in Jajarkot in a Festive season

In Barekot area of Jajarkot district, there has been a shortage of food and locals are worried as a festival is approaching. Local, Lok Bahadur Singh of Nayakwada VDC said that he had to return back empty handed after there was no food in Food Corporation depot at Nayakwada VDC. He went to the....

Post Update :October 6, 2016,  
Human Rights Activists Urges Dr KC to Postpone Hunger Strike

The Human Rights Activists and members from civil society have requested Professor Dr Govinda KC to postpone his hunger strike for some time. Dr KC have been staging hunger strike from September 26 demanding reformation of medical sector and impeachment of CIAA Chief Lok Man Singh Karki. ....

Post Update :October 6, 2016,  
Four Thousand Families deprived of pure drinking water

In Rolpa district, 4,383 houses are deprived of pure drinking water. As per the data from district's clean drinking water sub division office, 44,500 houses have an access of clean drinking water however remaining household do not have access of it. There have been no renovations of projects made 20 years ago according to sub div....

Post Update :October 5, 2016,  
Students faces Difficulty due to lack of bridge

Black pants. Sky blue skirt. This is their School dress. They were returning back home from school with bag on their back in a hot summer day.  Half a dozen of children with shirt tied up in their head to beat the heat were gearing up to cross the river viawire tied above the river. Among them one was putting off the bag. The length of the wire above the river is m....

Post Update :October 4, 2016,  
Late Distribution in Social Security Allowance Hampers Benificiaries

The beneficiaries of the district are facing difficulties after they could not get social security allowances for this month. The government was supposed to distribute the allowance 15 days before the commencement of Dashain festival however due to the late disbursement of budget by the District Development Committee; the beneficiaries are facing difficulties before....

Post Update :October 4, 2016,  
Complaint Lodged Against Father-In-law

A complaint against Prabhu Raut Kurmi,55 of Mungli VDC-6 has been lodged at District Police Office on October 3 on charge of attacking his daughter in-law  Anju Devi, 25 with a sickle  and injuring her. The victim’s husband Ambika Patel had lodged a complaint at DPO Parsa on October 3 against the accused according to SP Raj B....

Post Update :October 4, 2016,  
Sonaha Community Demands Government to let Them Follow their Ancestral Occupation

She wakes up early in the morning. Do her regular activities and feed her family and heads towards her way. This is her daily routine. If she stops doing this, her family will be in crisis. They will die in starvation. Sonapati Sonaha, 45 of Patabhar VDC-6, Bardiya is always in a worry about her family. This is not only her case. Almost all community has a same prob....

Post Update :October 4, 2016,