Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Wednesday , 23rd January 2019


Absconding Rape accused Arrested

  Police have arrested Man Bahadur Buda Magar, 34 of Sorhawa VDC-2 on October 14 on charge of rape. The accused was at large after the incident. The Area Police Office of Maina Pokhari have arrested the accused   from his house according to DSP Netramani Giri of DPO Bardiya. The police....

Post Update :October 16, 2016,  
Complaint lodged against Rape accused

A complaint against 53 years old Ganesh Limbu has been lodged at District Police Office on October 16 on charge of raping a 47 years old woman. The victim complained that she was raped by an accused pretexting her of doing a local treatment while she was ill. The accused was arrested by the po....

Post Update :October 16, 2016,  
Child Marriage in presence of Police

In Bahratpur of Mahottari district, a child marriage was conducted in front of Assistant Sub- Inspector (ASI) Laxmi Raut of Kantibazar police post on October 14. The marriage was conducted in Shiva Temple at Kantibazar. The Shiva temple is located just five hundred meters away from the police post where a 16 years old boy of Duba....

Post Update :October 16, 2016,  
Arrested on charge of Beating

Police have arrested 40 years old Deependra Magar on October 14 on charge of attacking and injuring his sister-in-law Sangeeta Rai, 25 of Sidin VDC-9 with wooden stick. The accused was arrested for the investigation by the police based on the complaint lodged at police post of Sidin on charge of injuring the victim by hitting her....

Post Update :October 15, 2016,  
Husband Arrested on charge of intimidating wife

The Area Police Office of Gokuleshwor have arrested 55 years old Gopal Joshi on October 14 on charge of beating his 42 years old Sita Devi Joshi of Boharigaun VDC-1. The victim had lodged a complaint at Area Police Office on October 13 against the accused on charge of beating her in an inebriated state according to DSP Kedar Khan....

Post Update :October 14, 2016,  
Accused Rapist Arrested

  Police have arrested 20 years old Suman B.K of Bharatpur sub-metropolis-13 on October 13 on charge of raping 13-years-old girl. The victim's family had lodged a complaint at District Police Office on October 13 on charge of raping a girl on October 12. The victim was sent to Bharatpur ....

Post Update :October 14, 2016,  
Consumers Compelled to buy Expensive rice

The locals in Humal district were compelled to buy an expensive rice during the festival after they could not get  rice in a fair price. Local, Dwhoj Bahadur Singh, 49 of Dandaphyaya VDC-8 complained that he was compelled to pay Rs 4500 for 25 kilos of rice. According to him he was paying Rs 1380 for the same rice when it was in....

Post Update :October 14, 2016,  
Eight Days Old Post-Natal woman found dead

Eight days old post-natal woman Parbati Dhami, 20 of Thalakada VDC-8 has been found dead on October 13. The victim was missing since October 2 from her home and was found dead in a bush near the house according to DSP Bal Narsingh Rana of District Police Office. The victim's eight days old son....

Post Update :October 14, 2016,  
Caste Based Discrimination while putting vermilion

In Gelu VDC-7,  a group of people from  non-Dalit community had wiped out the vermilion (TIKA) of newly married bride and put another TIKA as a vermilion was put on by the Dali community. The Dalit community have protested this incident and said that they have been discriminated based on caste. According to the local, Sita Ram ....

Post Update :October 14, 2016,  
More than Five Hundred Kamlaris Compelled to leave school

More than five hundred  former Kamlaris in western part of Nepal including Dang have stopped going to schools due to the financial crisis. Chairperson Sunita Chaudhary of Free Kamlari Development Forum said that Kamlaris from Dang, Banke, Bardiya, Kailali and Kanchanpur were compelled to leave school as the scholarship amount provided by the government is not enoug....

Post Update :October 13, 2016,