Thursday , 21st February 2019

Thursday , 21st February 2019


Sit-in-protest of Discharged ex- Maoist Combatant Continues(Photo Feature)

The discharged ex-Maoist combatants have continued their sit-in-protest in front of parliament building at New Baneshwor on November 10. They have protested a whole day in front of the building today. The discharged ex-Maoist combatant have been staging protest demanding various seven points demand since November 6. ....

Post Update :November 10, 2016,  
Police accused of giving torture, demanded for the action

The victim’s brother Triveni Mahato has accused Police of Bathnaha post for torturing his sister Ganga Mahato,45 of Bathnaha VDC-4 on November 8. He said that she was severely beaten by the police while he was in custody. The victim was taken to Sitamadi of India on November 9 for the treatment according to her brother. ....

Post Update :November 9, 2016,  
Patients facing difficulty due to the lack of Sickle Cell Anemia examination machine

  Patients, especially Tharus of Western Nepal are facing difficulties in treatment as the machine for examining Sickle Cell Anemia is not in use. The machine worth 2.9 million for examining Sickle Cell Anemia is not in operation and the patients suffering from this disease is increasing in this area. The GoN has provided a free medicine services to the patients suffering from this a....

Post Update :November 9, 2016,  
Patients in difficulty due to the lack of disease identifying technology

The patients are compelled to go out of the district for the treatment of Dengue disease because the district hospital of Bardiya does not have technology to identify the disease. The Dengue patients are increasing in the district and they could not get the treatment. As a result they are bound to go to Kathmandu, Nepalgunj or ev....

Post Update :November 9, 2016,  
Beneficiary facing problem due to lack of employees in government offices

  The beneficiaries of the district are facing difficulties due to the lack of office chief and staffs in various governmental offices in the district. They have not returned back yet even after the finishing festivals. The service receivers complained that they could not get any service due to their absence. The District D....

Post Update :November 9, 2016,  
Concern over the increasing impunity against journalist

The stakeholders showed their concern over the increasing criminal activities especially against the journalist due to the prevailing impunity in the country. The concerned bodies have shown their concern during the program held in Kathmandu regarding “UNESCO’s analysis of security of journalists in Nepal in the point of view....

Post Update :November 9, 2016,  
Court Slams six years for rapist

Pawan Magar, 24 of Ranibas VDC-4 has been sentenced for six years by the District Court order on November 9 after finding him guilty on raping 22 years old woman. A single bench of District Court judge Prakash Shrestha has given a verdict regarding the case on November 9. The victim’s party had lodged a complaint at police office on August 12 on charge of raping woman on August 6. The accu....

Post Update :November 9, 2016,  
Child laborers Reestablished within the family

Ratna Nagar Industry and commerce federation, which has beenoperating child protection and child labor minimization program in the district, has reestablished 195 child laborers within their family after rescuing them from different hotels and lodges of Ratna Nagar on November 9. The federation has rescued 74 child laborers and a....

Post Update :November 9, 2016,  
Complaint of not getting social security allowances

Senior citizens, single woman, children and person with disability of the district have complained of not getting a social security allowances even in a big festivals like Dashain and Tihar. Nunya Kami, 65 of Chandnath Municipality-15 complained that she could not celebrate the festival due to the financial crisis as she did not ....

Post Update :November 9, 2016,  
Supreme Court Directs suspended CIAA Chief to Appear in Court

The Supreme Court has directed suspended CIAA chief Lok Man Singh Karki to appear before the court with a written answer for his obstruction in delivery of the court summons. Advocate Om Prakash Aryal had filed a writ petition against Karki along with Prabal Thapa, former secretary of Ministry of Law Pramod Karki and Sub-inspector Nakul Raj Gautam of Nepal police foabusing authority in influenc....

Post Update :November 8, 2016,