Sunday , 17th February 2019

Sunday , 17th February 2019


Complaint lodged against taking hostage and sexual exploitation

The victim’s family of 20 years old woman has lodged a complaint at District Police Office of Jumla on January 20 against Nanda Prasad Acharya, 28 of Depalgaun VDC-6, Yasaoda Acharya, 27, Ridra Acharya, 31, Himananda Acharya, 36 and hotel operater Govinda Upadhya for taking victim as a hostage and sexually exploiting her. The a....

Post Update :January 22, 2017,  
Clash in Nuwakot, 16 injured

The agitating locals of four VDCs of the district have vandalized the District Development Office on January 20 against removing “Gaunpalika” . The Gaunpalika was removed against the recommendation made by District Technician Support Committee as per the report presented by Local stakeholder reconstruction commission to the government. The demonstrators had vandalized main gate of the offic....

Post Update :January 20, 2017,  
District level Human Rights Watch Committee Formed

The active Human rights organization’s officials and representatives, representatives from civil society and media personnel have formed 11 member Human Rights watch committee. Under the program operated by INSEC in the district on making concerned guild accountable by making local guilds aware, the committee was formed on Janu....

Post Update :January 20, 2017,  
Court Slams 11 years for Rape Convict

The District Court of Makwanpur has ordered to sentence 17 years old boy for 11 years on charge of raping six years old girl. A single bench of District Court judgeDaya ram Dhakal has given a verdict on January 20 regarding the case. The court has also ordered for compensation of Rs 75,000 from the accused. The victim’s party had lodged complaint at DPO Hetauda on October 24 against the ac....

Post Update :January 20, 2017,  
Husband Attempts to Murder of Wife

Police said that Amisha Khatik, 22 of Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan-12 was attempted to murder by her husband Rajendra Khatik, 26 by sprinting kerosene over her body. The victim is undergoing treatment at Bheri Zonal Hospital. The victim sustained sever wound over her body according to inspector Rajan Gautam of ward police office of....

Post Update :January 20, 2017,  
Accused rapist arrested

  Police have arrested 16 years old boy on January 19 on charge of raping a 6 years old girl. The victim’s party has lodged a complaint against the accused at District Police Office on January 18 against the accused . The victim underwent a health checkup at Bharatpur Hospital according to DSP Deepak Shrestha of DPO. ....

Post Update :January 19, 2017,  
Team of Human Rights Activists in affected villages

A team of Human Rights activists from NHRC and INSEC have inspected various VDCs of Saptari district to gather information about the truth of complaints lodged at NHRC. A team of NHRC officers Rewa Regmi, Chiranjibi Koirala, Bibha Dhunagana, INSEC District  representative Manohat Kumar Pokhrel have visited the affected villages ....

Post Update :January 19, 2017,  
Accused on Wife Murder arrested

Police has arrested Nim Bahadur Reshmi Magar,38 of Hansapur-9 on January 18 on charge of murdering his 33 years old wife. DSP Ranjit Singh Rathod of DPO said that the accused has been arrested for investigation on charge of beating his wife to death on January 15. The accused was arrested afte....

Post Update :January 19, 2017,  
Child Molester Arrested

Police have arrested 20 years old Suphiyan Mohamed Khan alias Pintu of Bagaha VDC-1 on January 18 on charge of molesting 14 years old girl pretexting her of marriage. The victim’s mother had lodged a complaint at District Police Office on January 15 against the accused. Police have arrested the accused from Bagaha of Rupendehi ....

Post Update :January 19, 2017,  
Maternity Service disrupted from One year

The maternity service at Bathanaha VDC-7 is closed since one year. According to Health In charge Rajesh Kumar Yadav said that the service was closed as there was no Auxilliary Nurse Mid-Wife. The beneficiaries are facing difficulties due to the disruption of the service. They are compelled to go to India by paying higher amount.....

Post Update :January 18, 2017,