Wednesday , 23rd January 2019

Wednesday , 23rd January 2019


Do not distribute fund until NA election :EC

The Election Commission (EC) has directed the Ministry of Home Affairs to not distribute financial aid until the conclusion of National Assembly (NA) election. The commission said that the election code of conduct has already come into effect, the election body has also sent a letter to the Ministry of Finance requesting it to not release any fund as financial aid. A meeting of the EC held o....

Post Update :January 31, 2018,  
Dalit Misbehaved

Pahal BK, 55 of Mahabu Rural Municipality accused 47 years old Bhim Bahadur Rokaya and Nagendra Khatri,26 of the same place of beating him and doing caste discrimination on charge of touching the mat that they were sitting. On January 29, the victim was in Bhim Bahadur’s house to buy meat where four other people were sitting on....

Post Update :January 31, 2018,  
Martyrs day being observed today 

Martyrs Day is being observed across the country today by paying tributes and respects to those who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the country and people, quoting RSS. Magh 16 in the Nepali lunar calendar every year is marked as the National Martyrs Day, commemorating those who were executed by the....

Post Update :January 30, 2018,  
Complaint lodged against rape

The victim’s family of 11 years old girl lodged complaint at District Police Office on January 28 against 60 years old senior citizen on charge of rape. The victim underwent health checkup at western regional hospital on January 28 according to DPO. The accused is at large and search for him....

Post Update :January 29, 2018,  
Girl rescued from Krishna Nagar

In coordination with Area Police Office and Peace Re-building House of Kaplibastu has rescued 10 years old girl from being trafficked in India on January 28 from the Krishnanagar Check post. The victim was being trafficked by Deepa Raut, 34 and Dhana Bahadur Raut in India pretexting her for treatment in Punjab after the child mar....

Post Update :January 29, 2018,  
Mental illness victim seeking for help

Syadure Tamang,70 of Ajirkot-2,Kharibot has been living in a den for the last 40 years .He searches for food in a village during day light and lives in a den near Bhachek Market of Ajirkot rural municipality-3 at night. Bhim lal Tamang of the same area said that the victim was working as an Indian Army,40 years back and he starte....

Post Update :January 27, 2018,  
Beneficiary facing difficulties in absence of Local Development Officer

Beneficiaries are facing problems in absence of Local Development Officer at Co-ordination committee in Jumla. Local Development Officer is absent since  7 months. Hari Narayan Belbase left the office at the end of the last financial year. Since 7 months, the beneficiary are facing problem. M....

Post Update :January 27, 2018,  
Election symbols to be allocated to NA candidates on Monday

The Election Commission is to allocate election symbols to candidates contesting the election to the member of National Assembly on January 29. The National Assembly election is taking place on February 7 according to RSS. The final list of candidates would be published on January 29 at 4 pm and the same d....

Post Update :January 26, 2018,  
Rape accused arrested

Police have arrested 28 years old Ashok Loniya of Marchwari Rural Municipality-3 on January 24 on charge of raping 13 years old girl. The victim was raped on January 23 by the accused while she was returning home according to the victim. The victim had lodged complaint at Area Police Office of Marchawar on a same day. ....

Post Update :January 25, 2018,  
 Two girls rescued from Krishna Nagar

Two girls of age 12 and 16 were rescued from the check post of Krishnanagar from being trafficked in India on January 25. They were rescued in a coordination between Area Police Office of Krishnanagar and Peace Reestablishment House of Kapilbastu. Coordinator Bhumi Raj Bhattarai of reestablishment House said that they were being ....

Post Update :January 25, 2018,