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Wednesday 30 Jul 2014
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Woman Injures Man Accused to Attempted Rape
Kailali/July 30
Purna Saud, 28, of Chaukidanda in Attariya VDC-2 has been injured in an axe attack by a 31-year-old woman on ...

Case of Attempted Rape Filed
Jhapa/July 30
A case of attempted rape has been filed against Yognath Khatiwada, 76, of Shantinagar VDC-9, who is accused of the ...

Human Rights Yearbook
Human Rights Yearbook 2014
Year 2013 with its uncertain first half, bid farewell showing positive rays in its latter half. Some complicated issues re­lated to peace process, which were pending for years, were resolved this reporting year.
You Can Flee Justice But You Cannot Escape Justice
Dinesh Tripathi, LL.M from University of Baltimore, USA is an Advocate at Supreme Court, particularly having a wide range of experiences in constitutional law and human rights. He is also executive member of South Asians for Human Rights, a regional South Asian Organization and International Advisor to Global Majority, which is working for global human
Opinion Forum
"TJ Ordinance and Its Implications"  
The ordinance might seem as a step towards implementing the past agreements, but at a closer look, it will be clear that it is against the spirit of all the agreements as it intends to institutionalize impunity by granting amnesty even in serious abuses of ...
View Point  
  "No Amnesty on Enforced Disappearances"
Rameshwar Nepal
Director, Amnesty International Nepal
Nepal witnessed a serious trend of disappearances during a decade long conflict between 1996 and 2006. The number of disappearances reached at the top and this country was known as “country with highest number of disappearance in the world” in 2003 and 2004. The fate and ...
  "Families of Disappeared Persons Wait for Answers"

Ramesh Prasad Timalsina
Pale face. Faint voice. Tearful eyes. It has been long since they are knocking the doors of human rights organizations in the capital with a faint hope. The prime time of their life has been spent knocking the doors of governmental bodies and are still they are pinning ...
INSEC in News  
19 fake cases in 'disappeared' persons list in Kavre
The Himalayan Times / 11 May 2014
Woman burnt alive in dowry case in Banke
My Republica / 05 May 2014
2013 saw rise in number of human rights violations
The Himalayan Times / 02 February 2014
Media's role for protection and promotion of human rights stressed / 04 Dec 2013
A call for Human Rights in Nepal
gmmag / 29 Oct 2013
Human rights organisations scream for justice
The Himalayan Times / 30 August 2013
Police receive Adhikari murder case records
Ekantipur / 16 Aug 2013
Transgenders call for human treatment
The Himalayan Times / 07 August 2013
Rights activist awarded
The Himalayan Times / 31 July 2013
Domestic violence Time for action
The Himalayan Times / 19 June 2013
Govt fails to put its foot down on armed groups
The Himalayan Times / 26 Mar 2013
Nepal's human rights situation worsening, says report
OneWorld South Asia / 20 Feb 2013
2012 most dismal year in terms of human rights: INSEC
Ekantipur / 21 Feb 2013
2012 dismal year in terms of rights: INSEC
My Republica / 21 Feb 2013
Ex-CJ alarmed at emerging autocracy
The Himalayan Times / 19 Feb 2013
Insec reports increase in cases of rights violation
Ekantipur / 19 Feb 2013
CJ-led govt will be against Interim Constitution: Ex-CJ Sharma
Nepalnews / 19 Feb 2013
NHRC urges fair Dekendra case probe
The Kathmandu Post / 24 Jan 2013
SC vacancies : Chances of fair trial waning rapidly, rues NHRC chief
The Kathmandu Post / 24 Jan 2013
Nepal promotes Army officer accused of war-time abuse
Zee News / 05 Oct 2012
Monitor Small Arms To Reduce Criminal Activities
My Republica / 03 October 2012
NEPAL: Land could sow 'seeds of serious discontent'
Humanitarian news and analysis/ 10 August 2012
Rights activist wins Prakash Memorial award
The Himalayan Times / 31 July 2012
Dhungana awarded Prakash Human Rights Award 2068
My Republica / 31 July 2012
INSEC tackles human rights in workshop
The Himalayan Times / 20 June 2012
Dahal's hit-streets plea flayed
The Himalayan Times / 14 May 2012
Nepal's Rural Women Seek Justice
IPS News / 05 April 2012
Parties come under fire from rights activists
The Himalayan Times / 02 April 2012
Appeal to power NHRC
The Himalayan Times / 28 Mar 2012
Woman in Capital blinded for 'witchcraft'
The Kathmandu Post / 23 Mar 2012
INSEC reports 464 cases of sexual violence in 2011
Nepalews / 9 Mar 2012
INSEC report shows 464 cases of sexual violence in Nepal in 2011 / 9 Mar 2012
Small arms a big menace: Insec report
The Kathmandu Post / 27 Feb 2012
58 abducted in east in 2011: INSEC
The Himalayan Times / 21 Feb 2012
Bleak picture of human rights in Midwest
The Himalayan Times / 21 Feb 2012
648 Nepali women became victims of violence last year
The Himalayan Times / 20 Feb 2012
3039 rights violation cases in 2011: INSEC
The Himalayan Times / 19 Feb 2012
INSEC book 2011 released
Nepalnews/ 19 Feb 2012
Under Threat in Nepal, Former U.N. Officials Seek Protection
IPS News / 15 Feb 2012
Caste discrimination behind Sunar's killing: Report
The Himalayan Times / 22 Jan 2012
Government bears the brunt of student unions' anger
The Himalayan Times / 20 Jan 2012
Dalit rights groups decry Insec report
Ekantipur / 01 Jan 2012
Rights group sees no caste sentiment behind Manbire's murder
Nepal News / 31 Dec 2011
Nepal: Peace Brings More Violence Against Women
Global Issues / 31 Dec 2001
Drunken brawl caused Manbire's death: Report
The Himalayan Times / 30 Dec 2011
Assault on journos up
The Himalayan Times / 24 Dec 2011
4,000 child labourers in Banke alone: Report
The Himalayan Times / 14 Dec 2011
Classes on dangers of explosives
The Himalayan Times / 12 Dec 2012
Nepal Fears a Truth and Reconciliation Commission
News Blaze / 21 Sep 2011
Rights defenders against condoning criminals
The Himalayan Times / 29 Aug 2011
Up in arms
Ekantipur / 13 Aug 2011
Conflict patterns, violent trends
Ekantipur / 05 Aug 2011
Human rights award for Acharya
The Himalayan / 01 Aug 2011
Acharya receives Prakash Human Rights Prize 2067
Nepalnews / 01 Aug 2011
Rights Activists Call for an Effective Human Rights Mechanism in South Asia and Civil Society Participation in SAARC
Asian Tribune / 28 Jul 2011
Justice Bastola pounces upon Nepal political leadership: Report
Telegraph Nepal / 03 July 2011
UML tells Parshuram to face authorities
My Republica / 18 Jun 2011
Nepal declared landmine-free country
All Headlines News / 14 Jun 2011
Condition of missing officer unknown since 8 months
My Republica / 06 Jun 2011
Nepal to be mine-free by next week
Ekantipur / 10 Jun 2011
Nepal to be "landmine-free" country soon
China Daily / 10 Jun 2011
INSEC expresses concern over Maoist activities
Review Nepal / 19 May 2011
INSEC Expresses Serious Concern Over Maoist Activities
Gateway Online / 19 May 2011
Secretariat asks Maoists to probe Chulachuli incident
My Republica / 18 May 2011
HR Organizations monitor maoist combatants' attack
News In Nepal / 28 Apr 2011
Rights situation : Tarai picture bleak:
Ekantipur / 22 Mar 2011
Renewed demand to ratify Rome Statute
Ekantipur / 22 Jul 2011
Human rights report paints a gloomy picture
The Himalayan TImes / 21 Mar 2011
1124 persons victimized in Central development
newsinNepal / 21 Mar 2011
1124 persons victimised in rights abuse cases in central development region in 2010: INSEC
Nepal News / 21 Mar 2011
Human Right violation up: Report
Nepal Mountain News / 11 Mar 2011
602 rights violation cases in mid-west of Nepal
The Himalayan Times / 11 Mar 2011
Scope of violence
Ekantipur / 25 Feb 2011
Govt rapped for poor rights scenario
Ekantipur / 20 Feb 2011
289 raped, 459 killed, 115 abducted last year: INSEC
Nepal Mountain News / 20 Feb 2011
Nepal's record has improved
The Himalayan Times / 20 Feb 2011
Rights defenders 'dismayed' at govt apathy
Ekantipur / 11 Feb 2011
TRC formation essential to ease conflict victims’ woes: Speaker
Ekantipur / 07 Feb 2011
Halfway there
Ekantipur / 28 Jan 2011
Nepal braces for rights scrutiny
Ekantipur / 05 Jan 2011
Rights violation unabated: INSEC
The Himalayan Times / 04 Jan 2011
INSEC study exposes plight of human rights activists
The Himalayan Times / 09 Dec 2010



Top News

Woman Files Complaint against Husband for Bigamy
Khotang/July 30
Woman Injures Man Accused to Attempted Rape
Kailali/July 30
Case of Attempted Rape Filed
Jhapa/July 30
Woman's Murder Probably Linked to Property Dispute
Saptari/July 29
Two Accused Pedophiles Arrested
Kavre/ July 29
Woman Killed by Relative
Terhathum/July 29
Woman Commits Suicide after Killing Son
Achham/July 29
Govt Tables Bills on Sexual Harassment, Witchcraft
Kathmandu/July 29
Man Expels Wife from Home
Dhading/July 29
Woman Files Complaint against In-laws
Morang/July 29
One Arrested for Raping Minor Girl
Gorkha/July 28
Rights Activists Call on Govt to Save Lives of Adhikari Couple
Kathmandu/July 28
Complaint Lodged against Rape of 15yo Girl
Sindhupalchok/July 28
Dwellers of Bhotkhola Face Food Crisis
Sankhuwasabha/ July 28
KJWP to Handover Arms to the Govt
Khotang/ July 28
Bill Relating to Contempt of Court Presented in Parliament
Kathmandu/ July 28
Explosion Victims Face Fund Crunch
Gulmi/July 28
Complaint against Rape of Minor Girl
Solukhumbu/July 27
Explosion Leaves One Dead, Eight Injured
Siraha/July 27
Domestic Violence Victim Seeks Divorce
Okhaldhunga/July 27
Constitutional Dialogue Committee Holds Talks with Armed Outfit
Ilam/July 27
INSEC Urges Jail Administration for Transfer of Inmates
Sankhuwasabha/July 27
Man Absconds after Killing 8yo Son
Saptari/July 27
Pledge to Rehabilitate Displaced Journalist
Kalikot/July 26
People of Dozens of VDC Deprived of Health Services
Taplejung/ July 26
Expelled Woman Facing Destitution
OKhaldhunga/July 26
Man Accused of Rape Attempt Arrested
Mugu/July 26
Khambuwan District Chairperson Arrested
Sunsari/July 25
Foreign Employment Proposal Tabled at Parliament
Kathmandu/ July 25
Woman Claims Her Complaint against ASI Ignored
Saptari/ July 25
French National Charged with Child Molestation
Kaski/ July 25
Scarcity of Medicines at Health Center
Sankhuwasabha/ July 25
Accused Rapist Arrested
Sarlahi/ July 25
Accused Rapists Remanded in Custody
Kaski/ July 25
Man Tries to Burn Elderly Alive on Witchcraft Charge
Sindhupalchok/July 24
Policeman Arrested for Rape Attempt of 9yo Girl
Kavre/July 24
Accused Rapist Gets Bail
Saptari/July 24
Lower House to be Called "House of Representatives"
Kathmandu/ July 24
FNJ Demands for Rehabilitation of Displaced Journalist
Kathmandu/July 24
UN Rights Council Agrees Probe into Alleged 'War Crimes'
Kathmandu/July 24
Man Accused of Inflicting Physical and Mental Pain on Wife
Sankhuwasabha/ July 24
KJWP Military Commander Arrested
Khotang/July 23
Court Instructs Father to Produce Toddlers within 24 Hours
Saptari/July 23
Foundation Stone of Peace Memorial Laid
Banke/July 23
Final Rites of Five Conflict Victims 11 Years after Death
Janakpur/July 23
Remains of Five Youths Handed Over to Families
Lalitpur/ July 23
"States Agencies Not Accountable"
Jumla/ July 23
Nepal Expresses Commitment to End Child Marriage
Kathmandu/ July 23



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