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Friday, Jul 29, 2016
Demanded Action against Accused of Alleging Witch
Khotang/ July 28

A 72-year-old victim Hira Maya Rokaya of Bajhechyandada-1 has complained of police not taking action against the accused who had tortured her on charge of ...

Prakash Human Rights Award-2016 to Maulana Abdul Jabbar Safi
Kathmandu/ July 28

The Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has decided to present this year’s Prakash Human Rights award to Maulana Abdul Jabbar Saafi of Nepalgunj.   The decision was ...

Nepal Human Rights Year Book 2016
The year 2015 has been marked as a historic year for Nepal as the elected representatives drafted the constitution. Nepal established a new identity by becoming the 43rd nation in the world to draft a constitution through the Constituent Assembly (CA).
“If the Government Shows Apathy in Implementing any Recommendations, We Will Publish the List”
For this issue of INFORMAL, Ramesh Timilsina interviewed Prakash Wasti Commissioner at National Human Rights Commission of Nepal (NHRC-Nepal) regarding publicizing the name of human rights violators in “Black List”. Excerpts of the interview:
Living In a Pathetic Situation

Kiran Rai/ Bhojpur
Tearful eyes, feeble face and messy hair with blouse and Lungi, she is wandering aimlessly in search for justice. She is living with anxiety between life and death. ...
Opinion Forum
Second Constituent Assembly and Making Democratic Consitution: Way Out
Professor Dr. Ram Kumar Dahal *[1] Background Apathy, despair and confusion among Nepali political spheres and Nepali people are seen especially after Nepal’s first Constituent Assembly (2009-2012) and second Constitution Assembly (2013) ...
View Point
Complete Ensure of Security

Jamuna Sharma, Kaski
My father-in-law was taken and murdered by the then Maoist rebels. But, until now we do not know the reason for his murder. The murderers were in masks. No one could be recognised. My mother-in-law is still in tear. The complaint lodging process is also challenging as we ...

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